Shy Baker

Hey, my name is Shyann, but I go by Shy most of the time! I was born and raised outside of the Rexburg area and have moved a little closer to town with my husband. I married the man my dream in 2015 and plan on being here for the rest of our life!

I grew up riding horses, dirt biking, boating, farming, camping and still continue to do those hobbies when I’m not behind the chair.

I graduated from Evan's Beauty College in 2013 and have been at Tami’s Salon ever since. What I love most about being a cosmetologist is getting to know my clients and talking to them for hours!

I also love educating people on hair and products. Hair is a  science, and it’s so fun to be constantly learning and teaching about it! That’s just a little bit about me!

I hope to see you soon!